TW 000: Introduction to the Travel Well Podcast

Welcome to the Travel Well Podcast! This Podcast is the culmination of years of experience, thought and travel for your listening pleasure.

The Travel Well Podcast mission is the Enrichment of life through travel and to help you get to know Real Mexico. It is also where Mexico, Lifestyle Design and Personal Development intersect.

The Travel Well Podcast is a weekly podcast. Interview episodes are released Mondays at 4am and are between 30-45 minutes each. Every now and again, I’ll record a solo episode to mix things up but everything created is about adding value to your life. Some of the topics we’ll learn about are Life, Work and Travel in Mexico. Enjoy!

Welcome and Go HERE to get to know real Mexico.

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Fidel is obsessed with Mexico, the enrichment of life through travel and living with no regrets.

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