20 Things and Lessons Mexico has Provided Expats Living in Mexico

Expats Living in Mexico Answer the Question:
“What is the most valuable thing Mexico has taught or provided you?” – Shay C.

1. Patience – This was by far the most popular!

2. Simplify – Realized don’t need many things and to not be materialistic. Life is not about what you have but being happy with what you do not have.

3. Slow Down – Enjoy the simple things because tomorrow is never promised.

4. Sense of humor – I learned to laugh at myself.

5. Freedom from stress – Overall health has improved my outlook on my life. I feel so much more alive and free here.

6. Be adaptable and ask for help – Nobody makes it alone in Mexico so we must have an open mind and good things and progress happen as a result.

7. Help others – I learned that helping others is easy and makes you feel happier.

8. Community and culture – The wish of a good day, the smiles and the daily interactions with people who are complete strangers. How many people do we pass in a day (back here in the states) in close contact, that we ignore, close lipped while avoiding eye contact.

9. Faith in the future and enjoy the present moment – Good things happen every day and we must open our eyes to see them.

10. Courtesy and Kindness – I’ve become a better person because I have experienced and adopted a culture where courtesy and kindness prevail. I am learning to slow down my reactions. I am learning to express my concerns in a non-aggressive manner.

11. Respect – I have learned to respect everyone no matter their achievements. In the U.S. you are respected for your social status and achievements. Here a man can be elderly and selling ice cream, windshield wipers, or peanuts and if he is a good man he is treated with great respect.

12. Appreciate the Little things – The street food, familia, and of course the sounds!

13. The Beauty of the Mexican people – They are generous, warm, friendly and kind people, and enjoy the respect the Mayans have for everybody.

14. Happiness and generosity –The idea that a family of 5-plus can be living in a cardboard shack with a dirt floor, yet exhibit characteristics of extreme generosity and are seemingly substantially happier than people who are much wealthier. Money can make life easier, but it’s fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

15. Quality of Food and Life – Period. Full Stop.

16. Freedom – It’s a curious feeling. I feel freer here than when I lived in the States where freedom “reigns.” As I stand on the other side of the border; I look back and see the States differently.

17. Peace of mind – Lower stress, less materialism and more family values.

18. Mexico has given me flavors and more colors. I never felt more exotic!

19. A New Normal – Remember when you read the answers here we are mostly Expats, retired with enough adventure in our souls to move to a foreign country with a different language and a different set of rules. So the most valuable thing Mexico has taught me was to adjust to the new Normal which I wake up to every day. Helen Keller said it for me, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

20. Sun, sun, sun!

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