“Volunteer! It’s good for the mind, body and soul.”
Long Term, Short Term and Even One Day Volunteer Opportunities

Casita Linda—Building hope one house at a time.
The founders and those who work with Casita Linda are a wonderful team of foreigners and Mexicans working together to create hope for impoverished local families. Donations and volunteers from people around the world make Casita Linda possible. In the years since Casita Linda’s founding, we have learned that a safe and secure home fulfills a very basic family need. Simple stoves for making meals, ready water for washing and laundering, basic things most of us take for granted, can change lives. Suddenly, there are fewer hardships, a brighter day, and renewed optimism that the future will be different and that anything is possible. Go here for all volunteer opportunities with Casita Linda.

Feed the Hungry San Miguel – the childhood nutrition organization
Feed the Hungry San Miguel is committed to improving the health and well being of children in San Miguel de Allende by alleviating hunger through school meals, family nutrition education, and community development programs. Go here to volunteer.

Amigos de San Miguel
Our mission is to help curb the overpopulation of companion animals in San Miguel de Allende and to help eliminate the fear, pain, suffering and misery of homeless animals. For opportunities on how to volunteer check out their Facebook page.

Via Organica Volunteer practices
This program focuses on young college students who want to do their social service and professional practices stays. To know more about possible volunteering opportunities go here.

People who participate in this volunteer will be able to work in the garden, develop methods and techniques for establishing orchards and conduct research in the area of agriculture that complement their training.

For this plan, we ask volunteers to be for a minimum of 4 months.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@viaorganica.org or go to the main page here. We will send an application to learn about their experience and let you know if we are accepting volunteers at the time.

El Charco del Ingenio
The daily tasks of the staff of the botanical garden – made up of a dozen workers – has been accomplished for years with the support of residents or visitors who have offered their time, their work, their abilities and imagination to help achieve the goals of the Garden. Volunteer Here!

On a flexible and creative basis, volunteers can help Charco staff in various tasks:
– working with plants in the botanical collection
– propagation of plants in the nursery
– pruning of native vegetation
– assistance at the Visitor Center
– guided visits
– environmental education program
– library and office work
– publicity, marketing and fundraising
– assistance with membership, workshops and events
– and more

Biblioteca San Miguel(Library)
Provide, promote and maintain educational and cultural activities that contribute to the formation of the community, from civil society. Volunteering opportunities at the library, go here.

Computadoras Pro Jovenes
We are volunteers who believe the children of central Mexico need computer skills to succeed. Wel provide computes, support, software and ongoing mentoring to kids in schools, kids with special needs and college students from poor families.

Can you volunteer? Go here for more information.
You do not need to be computer savvy for this. If you can use Word and work with documents you will do fine. Can you load a program onto a computer? Simple stuff like that. We also need volunteers to pick up computers from a donor. Then to move a computer from the technician’s shop to a school. No Spanish required here, just a means of transportation.

SPA San Miguel—Hope, Health, Homes for Cats and Dogs in need
Volunteers are the heart of the S.P.A. With the exception of a few paid employees, the S.P.A.’s daily operations rely completely on help from volunteers. Our dog advocate and cat advocate, both volunteers, oversee the well-being of our animals, not only so that the animals’ needs are met while they are at the S.P.A., but also to ensure that each one that is adopted finds a good, safe, and loving home. Our board of directors, many of whom are at the S.P.A. on a daily basis, is composed entirely of volunteers – Join Us!

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