TW 015: Elyse Robinson: You only Live Once So Make the Best of It

Elyse Robinson talks about becoming an Expat in Mexico and her life as an African American in Mexico City. If you’ve ever wondered is Mexico safe for Americans, considered moving to Mexico or want to know what it’s like for an American living in Mexico then you’re in luck because Elyse offers us an insider’s view of her journey. She also shares tactical and practical advice as to how we too can make the move to Mexico and start living life on our own terms.

Elyse Robinson is African American, born and raised in sunny Sacramento, California. She lived there until the age of 22 years old and moved to Boston. Throughout the years she’s lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tucson, Arizona. She has a degree in accounting and worked as an Auditor for a few years prior to moving overseas.

She is now 30 years old and living permanently in Mexico City, Mexico. She blogs about her experiences over at to encourage my Black brothers and sisters to go out and explore the world. Her goal is to break the stereotype of “Black folks don’t do this or that”…. Elyse says her life is fun and enjoyable now…something she’s always dreamed of.

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Fidel is obsessed with Mexico, the enrichment of life through travel and living with no regrets.

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