TW 012: Crystal Blue: It’s Not About the Stuff, It’s About the Quest

Crystal Blue from Enlightened Globetrekker, talks about moving to Mexico, living simply, happily and free. Originally from North Carolina, Crystal got fed up with the rat race and the lack of time available to spend with her daughter, River. In this interview, we’ll find out how one phone call became the catalyst for a life of adventure, exploration and self awareness.

So if your dream is to visit Mexico, travel long term to Mexico or even to someday move to Mexico and become an expat, listen as Crystal walks us through how we too can begin to live the global nomad lifestyle. Enjoy!

Go HERE for a great list of Mexico resources to help you on your journey.

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If you’d like to volunteer in Nepal contact Crystal
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Fidel is obsessed with Mexico, the enrichment of life through travel and living with no regrets.

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