TW 011: Marcie Quintana: Personal Development, Fulfillment, Entrepreneurship, Life Coaching and Creating Your Greatest Life

Marcie Quintana is a life and business coach, podcaster, entrepreneur and a realist who knows you have everything you need, to have the life you were destined to live. Marcie is passionate about travel, personal development and empowering women to go out and help them discover their talents and gifts to make a difference in this world. From the Corporate Finance world to Entrepreneur in transformation.

In this episode, Marcie Quintana talks about growing up in Mexico and life as a first generation Mexican-American. Marcie also shares her take on personal development, life coaching, online business and inspires us to go out there, make the leap and create the life we’ve always imagined. So, if you’ve ever had the inkling that there is more to life and want to find something that fulfills you then you’re in luck because Marcie walks us through finding ourselves our talents, our passions and designing a life around them.

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