TW 008: Dia de la Bandera de Mexico: A Short History of the Mexica

Feliz 24 de Febrero!

On this day, we celebrate el Dia de la Bandera.

The same bandera that represents the Mexica.


You know, The Aztecs, also known as Mexica. (pronounced Mesheeka)

Of course, derived from this word are Mexico and Mexicans.

The Eagle and serpent on the flag represent a Mexica idea, a sign, a destiny because according to Mexica(Aztecs) history, they left their home in The United States Aztlan in search of the promised land.

The land where they were to live in pesos and earn in dollars build their empire.

Some say Aztlan was in Utah, others say it was in Arizona, still others believe in was in northern Mexico.

So technically, the Mexica were the first Expats in a sense, right. Hmmm…

Regardless of Aztlan’s geographic location the Mexica journey only ended after they saw the sign – an Eagle devouring a serpent upon a cactus.

A sign given to them by God(Huitzilopochtli).

A sign they saw on lake Texcoco and thereafter settled and built the beautiful city of Tenochtitlan.

Defying nature and possibly naysayers they built their city on rock and roll – a lake!

So today, we not only celebrate a beautiful country, we celebrate the history of a beautiful people that gave us our bronze skin, our rich spirituality and maybe even our Expat disposition to a land approved by God.

Viva Mexico! Get to know real Mexico. Go HERE.



P.S. Oh and February 24th is also my birthday and yes I do believe that was a sign from the Universe. Thank you.

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