TW 004: Tayo Rockson Talks World Travel, Digital Media, Business and Growing Up A Third Culture Kid

Tayo Rockson is CEO of UYD Media and his mission is to help you become more culturally aware. His dream was to build a media empire that made people become the best versions of themselves like Oprah Winfrey did and fight for social justice like the late Nelson Mandela so he created UYD Media, a company built on a bedrock of connection, a passion for changing the world for the better and a commitment to helping you use your difference to make a difference.

Ever since Tayo was a kid, he’s been fascinated by the ability we all have to make our world a better place. But he wanted to know why even though we live in an increasingly globalized and digital world, many fail to act global or digital. Why were people more concerned with building walls instead of bridges? How could we as a society fix the inequalities that exist today? He wanted to find a solution but Alas, he wasn’t brave enough. That was until a near death experience made him that at the age of 22, he hadn’t done anything meaningful so he quit his job, moved to New York City and began to conduct a social experiment. This social experiment would later become his podcast.

In this episode, Tayo talks about world travel, business, digital media, stereotypes and growing up as a third culture kid. What is a third culture kid? Well Tayo gives us a great definition in this episode. I had no idea that just by being an Expat and/or Global Nomad you are raising Third Culture Kids. Listen in, get inspired, learn something new and enjoy this interview.

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