The Seasons of Life

I don’t know you.

Yet, I know all about you.

Not in a creepy way but in the good way.

If you’re reading this, I know life is good.

How do I know?

Well for starters, you’re alive and that’s good.

I also know you’re lucky.

The sheer probability that you can read this, have the freedom to do so and internet connection means you’re not worried about other things, real things like famine, oppression or even something as simple as access to clean water.

So why don’t you feel lucky sometimes?

Because we get caught up in the trivialities of life, in the details or in the weeds as some would say.

What do I mean?

Take a look at a calendar and you’ll see the first day of spring, first day of summer, first day of winter and first day of fall.

And just like there are seasons on this earth, there too are seasons to life.

There’s a season where it all works out, life is great, and nothing is going wrong.

There’s the season where we feel like we’re stuck, like we’re not moving forward and not progressing.

There’s also a season where we lose. It’s the time where we’re taken aback by the loss of something or someone.

There’s also a season to plant the goods seeds in good soil in hopes that we will reap the rewards in the fall.

Once I learned this concept and learned to view my life in this manner, I stopped thinking about how my life fell apart and realized that I was in winter. It’s supposed to be cold and barren but after a harsh winter a new spring brings life and opportunity once again.

The ever changing seasons of life, like the ones on earth, are a universal principle nobody can change.

So today, I invite you to look up from the weeds and notice the season you’re in.
You may be in winter, fall, spring or even summer.

If you’re reaping in the fall, prepare for the winter.

If you’re in a harsh winter, be hopeful that spring is near.

Be free and live well.

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