Wondering Where to Play Tennis in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Mexico?
My son loves tennis and wanted to play tennis on clay courts so we looked for the best places to play tennis in San Miguel and here is what we found.

Posada de La Aldea Hotel and Tennis Courts
This is a very nice hotel with Tennis courts. You can go in the front gate and go through the lobby, past the office and the tennis courts are situated in the back to the left. There are two gentlemen who manage the courts, Mauricio and David. The charge is $150 MXN or about $10 USD per hour of court time. We were in luck because there was a group lesson(10-18yr olds) from 12pm -2pm and my son was able to join in for the day. He loved it. The charge was $250 MXN or about $15 USD. Below are some pictures of the court and you can go here to watch a video of my son enjoying his group lesson.

The front entrance from calle Ancha de San Antonio 15, Zona Centro

My son receiving instruction on how to better his backhand.

Go all the way through the courtyard and through the front office towards the back of the hotel.

Weber Clay Tennis Courts
This is a unique place because it is an RV park/Tennis courts. It’s kind of hidden so it took my son and me a while to find it. Most local people don’t even know it is there. Anyway, once you find it you’ll notice the clay courts are in mint condition and staff is super nice. I didn’t get to play, however, because I had running shoes on and not actual tennis shoes. So if your goal is to play on these courts be sure to take the correct shoes or otherwise you cannot play on the court. You can find more information about these courts HERE.

Below are a couple more places where you can play tennis in San Miguel. I’ve not been to these but if you visit them please share your experience and some pictures so we can update them. Gracias.
Tennis La Esperanza
Comision Municipal del Deporte

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