No Regrets

I Only Fear One Thing

There aren’t many things I fear anymore.
I used to be afraid of the dark,
I used to be afraid of heights,
I used to be afraid of death… but not anymore.
I’ve come to learn that fear is just my inability to be in control.
And I’m hardly ever in control.

Oh, but I do fear something. One Thing.
I fear it because it cannot be sensed, seen or felt until it’s too late.
Its preferred tools are procrastination, conformity and busyness.
They call for you to taste them and revel in their gloriousness—their splendor.
But don’t do it. It’s a Trojan Horse. A Diversion. A Mascaraed.

But in the end, I know nobody will listen. It’s a way of life.

One day each and every one of us will look back and think…
REGRET, I should have known it was you all along.
You told me idleness was good for me.
You told me there was plenty of time left.
You told me I was the chosen one and someday would be the perfect time.
I embraced you and you lied to me, you mislead me.

But REGRET, it’s not your fault.
I don’t blame you. You’re only being true to you.
And I failed to be true to me.

Now I’m left with nothing but Hope.
The Hope that people will know it’s you before it’s too late.
The Hope that today I wake somebody from a deep slumber.
A Hope that you will not steal even one more person’s dream.
It’s my Hope.

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Fidel is obsessed with Mexico, the enrichment of life through travel and living with no regrets.

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