Festivals & Fiestas

Festivals, Fiestas & Events in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Calendar

*Desfile de los Locos is always the first Sunday after the 13th day of the month of June.
3 — Born To Be Wine
10 — Festival del Cordero y el Mezcal
11 — Corpus Christi day
18 — Desfile de los Locos(Crazy Costume Parade)
26 — Death of General Allende (1911) There is a Ceremony held in the Plaza
30 — SMA Food Festival

*Third Sunday of the month of July is the Fiesta of Atotonilco complete with regional Indian danzas
16th – 31st — Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen – Ritual celebrations after the 16th
20th – 30th — Guanajuato International Film Festival(GIFF)
30 — Death of el Padre Hidalgo commemorated with civic ceremonies

*First two weeks of August is the Chamber Music Festival
3 — SMA Film Festival
8 — Feast Day of Santo Domingo

*La Alborada, SMA’s most important festival of the year, takes place the last weekend closest to the 29th. These are Las Fiestas de San Miguel Arcangel patron saint.
15 —El Grito de Independencia(Fiestas Patrias)—Begins at 11pm in the Main Square.
16 — Independence Day parade
16 — Corrida de Toros
22 — Feria San Miguel de Allende
29 — La Alborada—Fiesta of Archangel St. Michael, SMA patron saint. It begins on a Friday night full of Music and fireworks, in the main square, this ends with Las Mañanitas to San Miguel Archangel. The following Saturday many communities bring to the Saint offerings called “Xuchiles” made with flowers, bread and cucharilla, and these communities are accompanied with conchero dancers up to the main square. These are Las Fiestas de San Miguel Arcangel patron saint. SMA’s most important festival of the year. Complete with regional Indian danzas and fireworks from midnight until dawn in the main plaza, in front of La Parroquia. On Sunday there is a parade of dancers from Zacatecas, Morelos, Veracruz, Jalisco, Queretaro and other cities, just to offer their dance to the Saint. These 3 days we can enjoy of the fireworks in the main plaza in the hights.

12 — Columbus Day Dia de la Raza
15 — Oktober Fest
27 — La Calaca Festival
29 — Dia de Muertos San Miguel

1 — Desfile de Catrinas
2 — Day of the Dead Celebrations(Dia de los Muertos)
15 — Festival Internacional de Jazz(Jazz Fest)
22 — Fiesta de Santa Cecilia – Day of the Musician

5 — Fiestas Navidenas
12 — Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe
16 — Christmas processions begin along with daily posadas
24 — Noche Buena(Christmas Eve)
25 — Navidad(Christmas Day)
31 — New Year’s Eve Celebration with a midnight mass and polvora(fireworks) in the Main Plaza.

6 — Reyes Magos(Three Kings Day)
End of Christmas festivities,
21 — Birthday of General Allende Parades
24 — Pilgrimage to San Juan de Los Lagos Jalisco.

2 — Virgen de la Candelaria
15 — International Writer’s Festival
24 — Dia de la Bandera(Flag Day) Civic ceremony and parade

*Senor de la Conquista is celebrated the first Friday in March.
5 — Carnaval Day – a five day celebration before lent begins.
9 — Senor de la Conquista(Christ of the Conquest) – Indigenous celebration with regional conchero danza and fireworks in the Main Plaza.
9 — Cuba Fest
17 — St. Patrick’s Day
19 — Fiesta de San Juan de Dios with festivities at the chapel
21 — Aztec New Year’s Day and Spring Begins

13th – 16th — Semana Santa(Holy Week)
30 — Dia del Nino(Child’s Day) – fetivals at schools

1 — Labor Day
3 — Dia de la Santa Cruz(Holy Cross day) –
5 — Battle of Puebla
13 — Encuentro Internacional de Convivencia y Hermandad
15 — Birthday of Father Miguel Hidalgo
15 — Fiesta of San Isidro patron saint of Agriculture

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