TW 003: Dr. Beverly Nelson: Talks Personal Growth, Comfort Zones, Safety and San Miguel de Allende Guanjuato Mexico

Dr. Beverly Nelson is a Psychologist, Director and Co-Founder of The LifePath Center in San Miguel de Allende, México. She has combined years of experience as a Psychologist with her business background to create and direct Healing Centers with international recognition.

In this episode, Dr. Beverly Nelson talks to us about healing, personal growth, comfort zones and living a more conscious life. She currently lives in San Miguel de Allende Mexico and has called Mexico home for over 17 years. If you enjoyed this episode let Dr. Beverly know by leaving her a message on here.

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The Life Path Center is an Integrative Wellness/Retreat Center and Bed and Breakfast San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.


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