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Our Philosophy: #ExperiencesOverThings
Vision: To create a happier more tolerant world through travel by becoming the foremost Mexican travel authority.
Mission: To inspire the human spirit by sharing the love for our Mexican culture with the world.
HuaracheSol: We are a grass roots travel company fascinated by the richness of Mexico, travel and our obsession is to help you get to know real Mexico because beyond the sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts exists a fascinating place called Mexico’s Colonial Highlands!

                                               -We Believe-
+ Everyone deserves to be inspired by authentic Mexican experiences.
+ The enrichment of life through travel.
+ Como México no hay dos.
+ Be proud, be kind, be happy.
+ Reconnecting with our Mexican culture and ancestry.
+ Travel and cultural exchange is the quickest way to world peace.
+ Good health, gratitude, movement.
+ The work is the prayer.
+ Hard work is the way we thank our parents for all their sacrifice.
+ Spreading goodwill, positivity and work ethic is the only true success.
+ And of course, we love listening to Mexican music because it makes the day so much brighter.                                           

We Are a Revolution
We are a revolution against the barrage of negative Mexico new stories so we choose to highlight Mexico’s rich culture, people and stories. We are for people who love to travel to Mexico and for current and future expats whose dream is to move to Mexico before retirement age!

The Dream Behind It All
My dream is to someday go live in Mexico. Wow! Just acknowledging this seems like blasphemy. You see, I was born in Mexico but 3 months later my parents immigrated to the U.S. searching for a better life. Nobody in their right mind or in my family wants to go live in Mexico, right? But I do! I don’t know why but I just feel like I must go live this experience. When? I don’t know. How? I don’t know. Why? I don’t know that either. All I know is right now I live here in the U.S. and I am grateful. I do know, however, that there must be other people like me out there that want to learn more about real Mexico (i.e. Travel Well Podcast), want to travel Mexico (i.e. HuaracheSol Travel Co.) and maybe someday live in Mexico (i.e. My personal journey) even if just for short while. Think of this as a place for us to build community and for me it’s a place to write down thoughts, experiences, share ideas and tell my story the way it unfolds. So subscribe and enjoy the ride!

So Here’s Our Story: In The Beginning, There Were Questions
This all began when I asked hard questions and was courageous enough to listen to the answers.

Questions like:
Is this all there is to life?
There has to be more to life than a mundane existence.
What am I teaching my kids?
There’s no way that I was born just to buy stuff, pay bills and die.
I have everything I’m told I want but still feel dissatisfied?

But let’s go back even further and begin with a story that may sound very familiar.

The Story line: How to Be Happy and Successful In Life
Go to school, get a degree, start a career, get married, have kids, buy home, buy cars, buy lots of toys, retire and die with lots of stuff.

But in this fruitless pursuit of happiness, I got comfortable. I became obese, sedentary and dissatisfied with my mediocre life.

I forgot how to live!

So everyday I’d come home, kiss my family good night, sit on the couch and watch mindless television.

But in the stillness of the night, when everything was quiet, I still remembered.

I remembered my dream of living a great life, a life full of adventure and new experiences.

However, now it seemed like I was busy just keeping my head above water.

On the outside, I was comfortable. On the inside, life was just miserable!!

Somehow in the whole scheme of things I lost my way.

And all that was left was a huge gap between the way I always imagined my life to be and the way it really was – unfulfilled, unhealthy and disconnected.

The Spark
But as discomfort set in, I began to question the rules, the established path, the status quo.

I then realized I was living somebody else’s life, according to somebody else’s rules and following somebody else’s plan.

I was in pursuit of the great American Dream only to realize it wasn’t my dream.

I was always waiting for the next promotion, the bigger paycheck, the next purchase, more food to make me happy but proved to be elusive as chasing butterflies. It was all a mirage. It wasn’t real.

And although I felt lied to, betrayed, bamboozled, that same mindset sparked within me a search for truth, adventure and meaning.

And finally I got to the point where I said, Enough Already!

I’ve got enough stuff! Stop with the mindless eating and endless consumption!

I’m more than just a dollar sign – I am a human being dammit!

I realized that the only thing I truly owned was my health, wellness and experiences – never stuff.

The only thing that has the power to make me truly happy is an experience, a human connection and my health – never things.

And from that day forward, I’ve been obsessed with living mindfully and creating experiences for my family.

Beginning of the Experiences Over Things Philosophy
Growing up and living in the U.S., I’ve had the privilege to take my 11 year old son on many trips and vacations.

He’s gone to the beaches of Miami, Lakes of Chicago, Schlitterbahn Water Park, Six Flags, and Sea World among other places.

But do to some unforeseen circumstances and a little luck he got to spend a entire 2 months with family in Mexico last Summer (2015). He’d never really been to Mexico and did not speak Spanish very well.

It turned out to be perfect timing though because since school goes into July in Mexico, we enrolled him in school for a couple of weeks.

He made friends, learned to speak some Spanish, learned more about his culture, spent all of his time playing in nature and was even invited to dance in a Bailable that Summer.(We still laugh when we watch the video)

Anyway, He says it’s been the best experience of his ENTIRE childhood!

This really taught me a valuable life lesson and affirmed what I’d previously discovered.

It taught me that although I try to buy my kids the best things in life, the things I didn’t have, the newest toys, etc… I realized that it truly is experiences that we will remember and talk about for the rest of our lives.

So then and there the experiences over things movement was born, out of a desire to stay true to what matters most; family, wellness and our adventurous human spirit. I also realized that Mexico has so much richness, beauty and adventure yet it is so misunderstood.

Our Soul
HuaracheSol’s soul and goal is to help people experience and get to know real Mexico.

How? By promoting real stories and conscious Mexico travel aligned with what is important to us.

You see, it begins with the idea that we shouldn’t disconnect from our values, principles and beliefs just because we go to Mexico.

What!? Let Me Explain.
When we’re at home we strive to live consciously. We seek authentic connections with people, we recycle, buy organic and shop locally.

But then, we book trips at all-inclusive mega resorts owned by massive holding companies with no vested interest in the destination community, outside of taking our money and sending it offshore to fatten their bank accounts.

Can you believe that according to UNEP, of every $100 spent on vacation in developing countries only $5 stays in local economy? Yup. That’s crazy and it has to stop.

These disconnected all-inclusive resorts build walls around us and create synthetic sterile experiences so we can move and experience, as little as possible, while sipping margaritas on the beach and we’re bored out of our minds.

All the while, using up precious water, land and other resources yet contributing nothing to the local community except maybe trash, pollution and the occasional drunk tourist.

Then we wonder why the locals resent tourists wearing their all-inclusive wrist bracelets around town. Hmmmm

Or how about mainstream cookie cutter sightseeing tours, where you’re herded around like cattle and only promote luxurious hotel amenities that make you feel like you never left home.

There Has To Be A Better Way
By now you may be thinking, there has to be a better way to get to know and experience real Mexico, a way where we all benefit, a win-win for everyone involved.

And Yes! There is.

The Travel Well Podcast and HuaracheSol.com Travel Company
inspired by Mexico | fueled by stories | good by choice | driven by our vision, our values and our mission. 

We Can Change the World Together
We believe in this so much that we’re designing our entire business as a force for good by creating a podcast where you can learn about the richness of Mexico and by promoting travel that respects nature, people, traditions and supports local economies.

Truly our travel can be a vehicle where we can all be real agents of change in our host communities and we can take our money and do what the government or organizations are failing to do every time we visit Mexico.

The Good Karma Tribe = Everyone Who Listens or Travels With Us
And because we believe everything you do comes back to you we desire to contribute as much as possible and spread positivity in the world through every interaction. We are the Good Karma Tribe.

Blessed Are the Curious For They Shall Have Adventures in Mexico
So Join The Good Karma Tribe and be a part of something special as we enjoy visiting Mexico where you can build new friendships, experience great cultural exchange and live life on our own terms.

Our obsession is that after listening to the podcast or traveling to Mexico you’ll feel more joyful, optimistic and come home beaming with vibrant energy from meeting wonderful people and true soul touching experiences. Hey and maybe someday you’ll join me for a tasa de cafe in my casita in Mexico. Just maybe. 🙂

Life Is Too Short To Wait. Do It Anyway!
Be Happy. Stay Curious. Travel Well.

Travel Well Amigos,

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